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Shree Jaisinghsayam's own Nagar


Welcome to Amet




This site is dedicate to my Late  Father Shree Chaggan Singh Ji Bhati



Amet is Nagar of Lord Shree Jaisingsayam situated 100 kilometer far away from Udaipur. Amet is the bravery land of Veerpata and with great epic. Amet is fully elaborate with some fantastic visiting place and Marbles work is tremendous form, every year there is thousand of visitors visit Amet for their Marble business purpose. As a Nagar is belonged and dedicated with Lord Krishna and Ravji Jai Singh who had very deviational decline towards Charbujajee. As lord incarnated self as Jaisingsayam and Nagar became the Lord of shree Jaisingsayam's own land. The culture and traditional activities are so grown under society and social associations. Jain, Rajput, Bhrahman, Khatik, Nagarchi, Harijan, Chipa, Parjapati......ect. 

Divine Heemata and SivaNal, Dellan Bheruji, Vevar Mahadev, Divine Chamunda, Asharamji Ashram are the finest visiting place of Amet. As Amet is the great nagar, which is famous for his hospitality and for his calm and cool human activities. Amet is famous not only in India but Abroad also for its Marble business. Lots of people from far away of other state come and live here, they enjoy there social life with Ameties.


Created by : Bhawani Singh Chhagan Singh Bhati
Chipo Ka Mohala Nadi Darwaza Amet Nagar (Raj.)